15th March 2021: Update

Today I handed in my resignation as a Wealden District Councillor. Due to the changes in my personal life, and my working life now being in Malta, it was no longer possible for me to carry out my role in the way I wanted to, and more importantly in the way that I have, with care, attention, concern and consideration, for the 9+ years I served on the council. Travel restrictions over the past months have simply made this choice for me.

I have written a short post, as a final entry on this site here.

I was first elected to both Hailsham Town Council and Wealden District Council in May 2011 and then subsequently re-elected in May 2015.

I feel proud and honoured to have been given the support of the people of Hailsham Central and North to have been elected to serve in both of these positions.

With the changes to the ward boundaries introduced for the 2019 elections, I was delighted to stand for and be elected to represent Wealden District Council’s Hailsham North ward in May 2019.

My aims as a councillor were always to encourage the prosperity, vibrancy and desirability of the town, and to enhance the status of the town of Hailsham in order to create a thriving market town environment that the residents of the town are proud to call home. I believe my contributions brought the town to the brink of a new dawn with the Hailsham Aspires Project and I’m only saddened that I will not play a more full role in this as the project develops.

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  1. Nick, I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent appointment. I would also like to thank you for your time yesterday. It was very interesting to hear about your positive views on how you will encourage change and I sincerely wish you every success in these challenging times.
    Very best wishes and kindest regards.
    Glyn Prendergast. MD. Greenway Life.

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