Good Bye. This is the last update.

Today I took the difficult decision to resign my position at Wealden District Council, a position I have held for approaching 10 years, since first being elected in May 2011.

I had the privilege of working with a lot of people through these years, and have, for the main part enjoyed the role.

The years serving as a cabinet member, with various responsibilities, were insightful and rewarding. Being part of the decision making process is a great responsibility, and whilst I had to make some decisions people didn’t agree with me over, I can rest assured that given the fact I had available I always made choices that best served the residents that elected me, and the good of the town and district.

I’d like to thank the residents of Hailsham for the support shown over the years, being elected is an honour few people go through, and to be elected 3 consecutive times, with an increased majority each time was humbling.

Thank you Hailsham

2021 Arrives

2021 arrived in rather sombre fashion as the issues around Coronavirus are still very much with us. With many regions being in complete lockdown again, and quite rightly many residents concerned about their wellbeing.

The spread of information about the roll out of vaccinations in our area has been difficult to manage, with priority given to nursing and care homes etc, it has left many residents wondering what’s happening and lead them to contact me to ask when they will be given an appointment.

Obviously as this is an NHS lead operation it’s difficult for me to find out detailed or case by case information, but now news of vaccination appointments is starting to be delivered and I’d like to thank our MP Nus Ghani for liaising with the NHS and getting all of the information that is available out to us.

Autumn Update

As we head into autumn properly, and we find the evenings drawing in and the temperature dropping, it’s always important to remember the vulnerable in our society. This year of course more so than others, due to the risks associated with the Covid 19 Pandemic.

As a local councillor, I can often assist with issues residents face, and I’m always willing to help in any way I can, whether its a benefits payments issue, planning matter, refuse collection problem, community group help or even things beyond the remit of the local council I serve on. I am of course though reliant on being told of such issues the community are facing as whilst I keep my ear to the ground through word of mouth, social media etc. often unless an issue a local resident is facing is actually flagged up to me, it’s possible for me to remain unaware.

My contact details are well publicised, so I ask you, if I can help, or even if you are not sure whether I can help, drop me an email, telephone call or instant message and I’ll do whatever I can to help!

Remote meetings

The council had to take the decision to switch to hosting meetings online as the country was forced into lock-down by the pandemic, and as many of you will know, since the beginning of lock-down I have been ‘held up’ in Malta, which is where my working life and personal life has brought me.

The last six months of not being in the UK though have not hampered my ability to continue my role as a district councillor, indeed, I have participated in the remote meetings in just the same way as if I had been in the UK.

I have also been able to assist my local residents, as of course meeting people ‘in person’ is not permitted or at best not recommended, and thus my telephone and email have been handled in just the same way as if I was in the UK.

I’m not entirely sure when ‘normality’ will resume, but I do know that once it starts to I will adapt as the situation demands, and should council meetings resume ‘in person’ then I will continue to keep my attendance record as high as possible, and serve the needs of residents in every way I can.