Remote meetings

The council had to take the decision to switch to hosting meetings online as the country was forced into lock-down by the pandemic, and as many of you will know, since the beginning of lock-down I have been ‘held up’ in Malta, which is where my working life and personal life has brought me.

The last six months of not being in the UK though have not hampered my ability to continue my role as a district councillor, indeed, I have participated in the remote meetings in just the same way as if I had been in the UK.

I have also been able to assist my local residents, as of course meeting people ‘in person’ is not permitted or at best not recommended, and thus my telephone and email have been handled in just the same way as if I was in the UK.

I’m not entirely sure when ‘normality’ will resume, but I do know that once it starts to I will adapt as the situation demands, and should council meetings resume ‘in person’ then I will continue to keep my attendance record as high as possible, and serve the needs of residents in every way I can.

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